Access gratings

Access gratings

Access gratings are used in all ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are used in locations where access is required for repair and inspection. Suitable as grilles to ventilation convectors and false-ceiling installations. They are made entirely of aluminium profiles. They consist of an outer frame, an inner frame and a panel of stationary crossed aluminium blades.  The panel is integrated in the inner frame and is freely resting on the outer frame. Thus it allows access for inspection.



Access gratings are produced in two variants:

1. Raster type – Panel of stationary crossed aluminium blades.

2. Perforated type – Panel of perforated metal sheet with Ø3, Ø4 or Ø5 mm openings.  Access gratings can be equipped with a control section to control the air flow rate. Raster access gratings are in natural aluminium colour. On request they are painted to RAL. Perforated access gratings are painted to RAL as a standard.

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